Our story

Coastal Solar Tas has a long history of providing electrical assistance, installations, repairs and maintenance across the Apple Isle, Tasmania. We have watched the evolution of solar panels, inverters and batteries carefully over the years and know first-hand the difference they can make.

As a proud Tasmanian-owned and managed business, we wanted to see this evolution spread locally so that Tasmanian families can enjoy the difference. Solar energy is a clean, green and intelligent alternative to grid power that is predominantly generated from coal-fired stations.

Solar systems are a tremendous investment for many reasons and we have proudly installed many systems for Tasmanian locals.

Not only do they help the environment by reducing our reliance on coal, but modern systems also feed clean energy back into the grid. That means your investment will pay itself off in just a few years through cheaper power bills and rebates for selling your power back to the general public.

All of our products are built to last 25 years or more, so not only are you basically getting it for free but you are enjoying savings for many, many years.

The biggest evolution we have seen in solar power systems in recent years has been the advances in battery technology. That means you can save power for a rainy day – literally.

Coastal Solar Tas is proudly an official Q Cells Australia dealer for solar panels as well which means you are getting access to the best products on the market. We also stock inverters, batteries and other components from other leading manufacturers so you will always have the best systems installed to deliver the maximum savings and Coastal Solar Tas is also still available for electrical work and the installation of split system airconditioning units.

Solar Panel Installation Coastal Solar
Solar Panel Installation Coastal Solar
Solar Panel Installation Coastal Solar
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